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Added Value Advertising - Non-Etix Events

It is the responsibility of the event planner to provide all artwork and information. Thank you!

Contact Information

Event Information

Artwork / Images

Please attach files below or send to your Event Coordinator as soon as possible. Thanks!

5th Street Sign 308 pixels W. x 176 pixels H. , RGB 72 DPI , JPEG
Exhibit Hall TV's (No Sponsor Logos) 1920 pxls W. x 1080 pxls H. , RGB 72 DPI , JPEG
Website Event Image 1080 pxls W. x 1080 pxls H. , RGB 72 DPI , JPEG
The Bismarck Event Center (BEC) reserves the rights to advertising of all types on, in and around the BEC and the BEC premises.
* All signage is subject to building discretion.
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