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To the extent allowed by applicable law, the LESSOR reserves the right to approve the content of the banner or poster or to have the banner or poster removed if portions thereof contain materials which are patently offensive in nature. Banners or posters displayed should be fitted with grommets and hung with rope or string if at all possible. Banners or posters cannot be hung using any tape except for gaffers or painters tape. The LESSOR reserves the right to charge the LESSEE for removal of tape, tape residue and repair of the Bismarck Event Center which results from the posters and banners being hung with tape. The LESSEE is responsible for the prompt removal of all posters and banners immediately at the conclusion of the EVENT. If the LESSOR removes the posters and banners, the LESSEE shall pay all related costs.

Parking Areas:

Parking Lots C & D are free to public parking; however Lot B is subject to $5 paid parking. Lot E is reserved for building use.

Flame Retardant Materials:
All drapes, curtains, table coverings, skirts, carpet or other materials must be flame retardant.

Flammable Materials:
Fire code does not allow hay or straw bales, tumble weeds, Christmas trees, etc. unless they have been made fire retardant.

Please see the PDF below for a full list of exhibitor regulations.
  • Nothing may be hung, taped, stapled, pinned, tacked or drilled in any manner without prior approval from Bismarck Event Center (BEC) staff.

  • Any sample food and/or beverage products that may be distributed must have prior approval by Event Center Management. Food sampling must be covered by a food permit.
  • All vendors must comply with fire codes in the building. Use no open flames and use flame retardant materials in your booth design. For safety purposes, cooking should be done at the back table or your booth, not the front and you must bring a small fire extinguisher approved for electrical fires. Plastic throw away gloves must be worn at all times while doing food sampling.
  • Helium balloons are NOT permitted in the Arena building for any purpose.
  • Helium Balloons are permitted only in the Exhibit Hall Lobby as part of decoration for the event with prior approval. Balloons must be tied down and weighted to prevent them from floating to the ceiling. There will be a charge of $5.00 per balloon for any left on the ceiling. Helium balloons are NOT permitted in Exhibit Hall A, B, C or D for any purpose.
  • Cleaning products must be water based. Oil based cleaning products are not allowed.

  • Any heavy/oversized displays and equipment must be pre approved by the Bismarck Event Center.


Grounds Policy (Parking Lots, Sales and Solicitation, Signs and Posters, Camping & Petitioners)
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