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Firefighter Combat Challenge

Date: July 08 - July 10, 2021

Dates / Times

Thursday, July 8:
  • Good 2 Go Open Program Training
Friday, July 9:
  • Competition Day
Saturday, July 10:
  • Competition Day


Get to registration link HERE

  • access code: FFCC21

Volunteer instructional videos:


The mission of the Firefighter Combat Challenge (FCC) is to promote, showcase, and publicly celebrate the selfless spirit and extraordinary fitness levels of America’s elite firefighter heroes and heroines in an exciting and entertaining sports competition that travels the United States – all while simulating the arduous and essential skills of firefighting – e.g., climbing a five-story tower in full PPE gear, forcible entry, "victim rescue," and fire hose hoist / drag – as first responders compete against each other and the clock to be the “Best of the Best!”

Dubbed by ESPN as the “Toughest Two Minutes in Sports”, the 30th Anniversary National Tour will return the FCC to capital buildings, state fairs, and town and city centers as the "homecoming favorite" – while generations of FCCs veterans come out to compete "one more time" – and retell their extraordinary human interest stories – as tens of thousands cheer from the bleachers, and the Combat Challenge launches its next 30 years!

Competition with a Purpose” – The origins of the Firefighter Combat Challenge started in 1975 with a U.S. Fire Administration grant to the University of Maryland to develop and validate a job-related physical performance examination for firefighters. The principal investigators of the study were Dr. Charles O. Dotson and Dr. Paul O. Davis. While subsequently working as a leading occupational physiologist 15 years later, Dr. Davis continued to marvel over the competitive nature of firefighters that he and
Dr. Dotson observed in 1975 – and that's when he came up with the idea that would eventually become the Firefighter Challenge. “Why not partner with industry leaders in public safety to devise a 'competition with a purpose' that would highlight the unique nature of the fire service's heroic work while showcasing the talents and capabilities of firefighters.” The first Challenge was held in 1991.Thirty years later, the Firefighter Challenge looks forward to partnering with incredible companies like 3M Scott Fire and Safety for the next 30 years.


The Kid’s Firefighter Challenge (KFC) is the logical extension of the FCC’s efforts to showcase America’s First Responder heroes and heroines while promoting a lifetime commitment to physical fitness, health, and wellness. Positioned near the adult version, the KFC travels with the Firefighter Challenge – providing a family-friendly and tangible method of capturing the enthusiasm of children and channeling it in a positive direction.

Geared toward kids in the 5-12 size and age group, each child that participates in the KFC is outfitted with a helmet and “turn-out gear.” Like the adult version, the KFC includes an obstacle course, a miniature Keiser Force Machine with mallet, and an authentic 1″ wildland fire hose pull with nozzle – including “shooting” a stream of water at a target, like the adult version.



Attention all Firefighters! Register your group into the Firefighter Combat Challenge to showcase the selfless spirit and extraordinary fitness levels of America’s elite firefighter heroes and heroines in this exciting and entertaining sports competition!

To Register:

Visit HERE
Contact: Daniel Pace | dpace@ontargetchallenge.com


  • Competitors - Registration Fee
  • Spectators - Free!
  • Kids challenge - Free!
    • Register you child day of. First come first serve.
    • Geared toward kids in the 5-12 size and age group


  1. High-Rise "Hose Pack" Carry: The Challenge starts at the base of the fivestory tower. Competitors may carry the 42lb hose pack in any manner, and hose packs must be put into the container on the top floor of the tower, with no part touching the deck. One of the competitor's feet must be on the top deck of the tower before dropping the high-rise pack in the container. If competitors miss the box, s/he may correct placement, but only before starting the Hose Hoist. Tower stair handrails may be used when climbing the tower, and multiple stairs and steps may be taken on the way up.
  2. "Donut Roll" Hose Hoist: The 42lb donut roll with rope is used for the hose hoist, which must be performed from the top platform of the tower. The hoist is complete when the roll clears the top tower railing and is placed in the container on the platform floor. Proper placement is on or in the container, with no part of the roll touching the platform deck. This task must be complete before 3 minutes have elapsed or a disqualification will result. Each stair must be touched during competitor's tower descent.
  3. "Forcible Entry" – Keiser Force Machine: The forcible entry simulation utilizes the Keiser Force Machine. Competitors use a 9lb dead blow hammer with both feet on the surface, and the 160lb steel beam must be driven 5 feet. When completed, the competitor dismounts and places the mallet on the mat. To avoid penalties, some part of the mallet must be placed on the 3' x 4’ mat.
  4. "Hose Advance": Competitors must negotiate the 140’ slalom course without missing or knocking over any obstacle. Competitors must pick up the nozzle of the charged hose in front of the taped stripe, advance the over 200 pound hose 75’ and through the swinging “saloon door” at the other end. Once through the salon doors, competitors turn on the nozzle, hit the target with the water stream, turn off the nozzle, and place the hose on the ground.
  5. "Victim Rescue": Competitors must lift the 175lb Rescue Randy® mannequin and drag it backwards to the finish line, a total distance of 106 feet. Competitors may stop, sit the Rescue Randy® on the ground, and adjust their hold on the Rescue Randy® without penalty. The time clock for each competitor stops when the competitor and Rescue Randy® have completely crossed the finish line.


  • Tower height: 5 stories (41’ / 12.5m tall; 44.6” / 113.3cm railing height)
  • Tower weight: 8,500lb / 3,855.5kg (excluding tractor)
  • Number of stairs: 63 steps / 6 risers, 10 steps per riser
  • Weight of PPE: 50lb / 22.7kg (including 3M - SCOTT Air-Pak SCBA)
  • Weight of 3M - SCOTT Air-Pak SCBA: ≈ 19lb / 8.6kg filled with compressed air
  • Amount of compressed air consumed: ≈ 1.5 - 2lb / .7 - .9kg
  • Weight of the high rise hose pack: ≈ 42lb / 19kg
  • Weight of the donut hose roll: ≈ 42lb / 19kg
  • Weight of shot mallet: 9lb / 4kg
  • Weight of the Keiser sled: ≈ 160lb / 72.6m
  • Distance to drive the Keiser beam: 5’ / 1.5m
  • Distance of the hydrant run/ walk: 140’ / 42.7m
  • Distance of the hose advance: 75’ / 22.9m
  • Weight of the hose as advanced: 140lb - 240lb / 63.5 - 108.9kg
  • Diameter of the hose: 1.75” / 4.4cm
  • Weight of the Rescue Randy®: 175lb / 79.4kg (with gear)
  • Distance of the Rescue Randy® dummy drag: 106’ / 32.3m

For more information visit: www.firefighterchallenge.com

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Firefighter Combat Challenge
July 08 - July 10, 2021
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