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Shipping Info


The Bismarck Event Center works with Jobbers Convention Freight Services for all vendor freight. No freight carriers are allowed to deliver to, or pick up from the Bismarck Event Center

Preregistration is required for Jobbers Convention Freight Services

Exhibitors will need to register at:   www.jobberswarehouse.com/cfs
  1. Provide us with your: first name, last name, company, telephone and a valid email.
  2. Select your event from the drop down menu.
  3. Click on REQUEST.

When we receive your request, your password will be emailed to you with instructions on how to access and register for convention warehouse services. You should receive your login within one business day.  Often emails can be routed to your “Junk” or “Spam” folder within your email client.  Please make sure that you monitor that folder for email from cfs@jobberswarehouse.com.

Return Shipping:
To assist you in preparing to leave the Bismarck Event Center and ensure your freight arrives promptly to your next location, please follow these steps.
  1. Pack and seal your freight in your boxes and crates as necessary.  If your freight arrived on a pallet and you need a pallet for return delivery, the Event Center staff will provide you with one.

  2. If freight is being shipped individually all pieces must have identification markings of either company or booth number.  If shipped on a pallet the pallet must be banded or wrapped if they are unstable.

  3. If freight is crossing international borders it should have two copies of all required customs papers plus appropriate courier international shipping papers.  Jobbers nor the Event Center stock these forms.

  4. Leave all freight in your booth location ensuring the following paperwork is also attached to your cluster of freight.  A completed Jobbers Return Shipping Form (this form tells us how much we should expect to receive from the Event Center) and Bill of Lading (this allows us to release your freight to your chosen courier).  A Bill of Lading is not required for FedEx or UPS type shipments as the applied sticker is their Bill of Lading.  Bills of Lading are required for over the road couriers.
  5. If your freight requires any special attention (Banding, Shrink Wrapping, or Re-Boxing) and you haven’t spoken to Jobbers about it, simply make a notation on your Return Shipping Form describing what you would like done and we will accommodate you.  The Cost of Banding is $50 per item, the cost of Wrapping is $25 per item and the cost to Re-Box is based upon our current box prices and labor, but typically will not exceed $25 per item.

  6. Ensure you leave no personal information behind (copies of Credit Card form, receipts or personal items that you did not intend to ship).

  7. Your freight will be left in the booth and transported by the Event Center to the dock.  Jobbers will receive your freight and return it to our warehouse, where your couriers will pickup from us.

You can call Jobbers at (701) 222-1111 or toll free at (800) 209-9204


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